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Finding iNEMO¹

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Speaking of accelerometers, STMicroelectronics thinks their multi-axis, multi-sensor accelerometer is smarter than what your regular one (or paper one) can do. It combines data from 3 multi-axis readings that is better suited for applications requiring more data than can be provided by just one MEMS.

For many current applications, such as freefall detection, screen rotation or pedometers, a single MEMS accelerometer meets their system requirements. However, a new class of advanced applications is emerging, for example: location-based services, enhanced motion-based gaming, pedestrian dead-reckoning for indoor and multi-floor navigation, robotics or human-body tracking.

1) Ah, the kitschy titles. Can’t help myself. It just comes to me.

Written by rawcookies

August 7, 2011 at 11:00 pm

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